About us?

We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the sale and distribution of pasteurized and bottled pulque with low alcohol content (5% Alc. Vol.), As well as distillates derived from pulque and other products from the maguey. We distinguish ourselves not only by being the only pulque bottler with a plant with a production capacity of more than 260,000 bottles per month, but also by having food grade equipment, as well as a clean room where we carry out a rigorous control in the processes for the adequate treatment of pulque. Thanks to this, we minimize the introduction, generation and retention of any type of particles inside the room, where the temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure are controlled in order to obtain a drink with the highest quality standards.

Due to the technology and infrastructure we have, as well as the qualified workforce and specialized personnel that are part of our production chain, in “Pulquemanía”, hand in hand with our suppliers, commercial partners and public and private institutions, we have the commitment to become a new milestone in the history of pulque.


Pulquemania value proposition

In “Pulquemanía” we generate around 100 jobs, between direct and indirect, from the tlachiquero and master pulquero, dedicated to obtaining the mead and making pulque, respectively, to qualified personnel – food engineers and pharmacist chemists in charge of the quality of “Penca Larga” -; as well as warehouse and production workers, administrative team, sales force, freelance collaborators and advertising agencies in Mexico and the United States

“Pulquemanía” arose with the task of forming an industry around honey water and its derivatives through engineering and development (fermented and distillates, among others) and with this establish the permanence of bottled pulque in the market for low alcoholic beverages in Mexico

Although “Pulquemanía” is not the first company dedicated to producing, packaging, selling and exporting pulque (since there has been evidence of various undertakings since the last century), we can ensure that we distinguish ourselves as the largest and strongest bottled pulque producer in Mexico.

BEHIND a bottle of Penca Larga

When you buy “Pulque Penca Larga” you are benefiting the work of maguey producers, who had to wait between eight and 10 years to have a mature maguey with the best characteristics to be scraped (milked); “tlachiqueros” and pulque masters who, in order to obtain a pulque of excellence, allowed the mead to age up to 12 months after coating and scraping the plant for the first time; as well as food engineers, warehouse workers, administrative staff, salespeople, designers, creatives, technology developers, printing shops, shopkeepers, delivery men and other collaborators who with their work and daily effort, not only promote the development of a new industry – that of pulque–, but rather they contribute to improve the economy of the families that participate in this great dream and contribute to the growth of Mexico.